www.no-fei.com Today we would like to urgently ask you to support this online petition.

You may have already heard that last week, the FEI has adopted a so-called “Progressive List”. To summarize: Riders are permitted to treat their horses with anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers to enable them to participate in a competition. This rule is meant to become effective as of December 1, 2009. The European national federations were clearly against it – the German FN, too – but they lost the vote. And to top it all, this rule also violates the animal protection law.

Dressur-Studien Verlag has started an online petition to support the FN and all other European associations disapproving with this decision on the Internet. We agree with this and would like to ask you to support this petition, too. Inform everybody you know about this petition so that these rules cannot become effective.

The petitition was put online in German, English, French and Spanish language. Please support this petition with your virtual signature – to provide the European national federations with more arguments! We will be happy if you would send this petition to as many people as possible.

The petition is published on the following website www.no-fei.com

You will find more information on the subject and a couple of additional links, too.