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Holsteiner Hengste Bd. 1

Holsteiner Hengste Bd. 1

Book, German, 120 pages, author: Claus Schridde

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Medium: Book
120 pages, approx. 180 Fotos (38 in blach/white)
Language: German
Article Number: 163092
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Product Description

The Stallion line of Cottage Son xx

The horse breeding country of Holstein has noticeably outperformed all other German breeding areas with international show jumpers in the last decades. At the same time, it can be noted that the Holstein breeders achieved this worldwide success with a relatively small mare base. There is more: the quality is so high that all other German and foreign breeders have clearly profited from Holstein. A look at the pedigrees makes it particularly clear: the breeders, who busy themselves with the breeding of show jumpers, need to begin with the Holstein gene. The predominant position of the Holstein breed is clear, nationally and internationally. Holstein has proportionally placed the highest ratio of show jumpers at the German National Young Horse Championships for many years.

This first volume of Holstein Stallion Lines concerns itself with the stallion line of Cottage Son xx. The books release coincides to a point in time, which couldnt have been more fitting: shortly before its circulation date, the grey Holstein stallions
Cumano and Caspar (alias Berlin), both sons of Cassini I, won the individual and team classifications at the World Championships in Aachen, Germany.

This line is especially meaningful because in the middle of the 1980s, the Cottage Son xx sire line had almost died out. In Holstein, Capitol I was the sole heir of the Cottage Son xx line, and he was not easy to pair. Using a special breeding remedy designed by the Holstein Association specifically for this stallion, the genetic constitution of the Cottage Son xx line has been preserved and is readily available today in very large quantities.

Each licensed stallion is detailed and comes with standardized data regarding color, descent, height at the withers, personal sports contribution, and location and length of specified cover time, whether he has a Holstein brand or is branded by another breeding organization, and whether he comes from Holstein mare lines. Further stallion sons from other breeds, which are not from Holstein mare lines, are listed under their respective sire in order to ensure an accurate overview of them too.

The features of this book include comprehensive illustrations and photographs. For most of the stallions, even in foreign possession, photo material has been obtained, which has historical value and has been published for the first time. The diagrams of the individual branches of this line were created by Juergen Passig and give this book a particularly valuable dimension.

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