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pferdia tv are offering a superb offer to all our customers. Spend over € 50 in our on-line shop at and receive a sensational discount on your spectator ticket at this once in a lifetime clinic with Buck Brannaman at the Heinrichshof, near Cologne. But hurry! This offer is only valid until 3pm on 15th November, 2013.



How does it work?


1. Visit our online shop at www.pferdia.comand browse through the hundreds of books and DVD's that we have to offer.


2. On any order that you place with a value of € 50 or over before 15th November 3pm, you will receive a personal email from pferdia tv with four links:


  • Day ticket for Friday, 22nd November 2013 for only € 96 instead of € 160. Save € 64!


  • Day ticket for Saturday, 23rd November 2013 for € only €120 instead of € 160. Save € 40!


  • Day ticket for Sunday, 24th November 2013 for only € 96 instead of € 160. Save € 64!


  • 3-day ticket, 22nd - 24th November 2013 for only € 156 instead of € 260. Save € 104!



3.     Simple choose one of the links to order your spectator ticket. 



Who is Buck Brannaman

„Your horse is a mirror to your soul.

Sometimes you might not like what you see …
Sometimes you will”


Buck Brannaman is one of the most experienced and estimated living horsemen.
Buck has been a student of Ray Hunt, Tom and Bill Dorrance, the fathers of the modern horsemanship.


With the BUCK documentary, Buck has become worldwide well-known.
Nicholas Evans, the author of the book „The Horse Whisperer” and Robert Redford, the filmmaker of the movie “The Horse Whisperer” have inspired to Buck Brannaman.


Buck rides every type of horse, no matter if a western, dressage, jumping, racing, warm blood, thoroughbred one  . . . and he rides in every place! It can be the country side, a western barn, a dressage school or a jumping centre.
Wherever Buck rides, he has feeling for the horse and he reaches the heart of people watching him.


“The one who truly inspired me was Buck Brannaman.” 
(NICHOLAS EVANS, author of The Horse Whisperer)


Books and DVDs by Buck Brannaman


Information about the clinic